We are agripreneurs at heart

It’s time for empowerment, smart alliances, shared entrepreneurship, and collaborative wealth.

Offering a mix of investment and food supply solutions, Progeny aims to innovate the industry by bringing fresh new thinking to agriculture

Progeny Cattle

While cattle have long been considered a source of wealth for many South Africans, investors are now choosing to buy into livestock directly.

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Progeny Feeding

From raw material selection to delivery, is overseen by our team to ensure high quality products that our customers can trust and rely on.

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Agriculture is expanding its boundaries and Progeny Resources are the pioneers

It’s time for an agricultural revolution. For fresh thinking and innovative new ways of doing things. Say goodbye to the staid, the old, and the obsolete way of farming.

With revolutionary new livestock investment and farming models, Progeny strives to work in collaboration with carefully selected partners to unlock all points in the agriculture value chain, and so create collaborative wealth.

With over 1000 cattle

We’re committed to growing the industry

There’s always been a traditional, stale legacy with a rigid way of doing things. Let’s change this!


But what if

agriculture could be a whole lot more than that?

What if it could

do so much more for a much wider group of people?

Could it also

empower and add real value to people’s lives?

Will you join us

and grab the agriculture industry by the horns?

The time of the agripreneur is now